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when your muse is really horny and you’re just like


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Anonymous: Do bad things to me ^0^

Heh….I take it you mean the good type of bad things anon?

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Anonymous: today I happened to make some apple strudel ♥ I hope you like it! but I think it goes well with beer so I'm pretty sure you will like it~ -hands it to you and then carefully retreats-

Ah! Mmm….thank you very much anon! It looks wonderful. -Takes the apple strudel handed to him with a bright smile, hovering his nose over it to take in the scent. -

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Aww thank you, how adorable. 

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Anonymous: THAT WAS AMAZING ~jumps up and down~

I know! -He nodded, throwing the yarn ball up and down with one hand before tucking it in his pocket.- I am very amazing. 

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kojima-masahito replied to your post:MÖÖMÖÖ IS A BIT SCARED BUT SENPAI TOLD MÖÖMÖÖ TO THROW A BALL OF YARN TO KAZUKI-SAN SO I DO IT NOW ~throws a blue ball of yarn~
Some reflexes you got there. What kind of cat are you?

An attractive one.

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Anonymous: well than how'd you like to be pamered? I must admit I'm pretty good at baking sweet treats! or would a cold beer and 2 concert tickets be sufficient? ♥

Hm….I don’t get things baked for me..and I like sweet things. Yes, sweet things! Sweet things please….and beer.

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Anonymous: OKAY ;_; ~takes the ball carefully and throws it~

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